Tower and facade clocks made ​​by SHADIAN-WATCHMAKERS

Tower, facade and secondary clocks in buildings

  • Delivery, assembly, fabrication and installation of tower, facade and secondary clocks in buildings.
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.
  • Production of dials and switches for these types of watches catalog and on request.
  • Logo and inscription on the dial.
  • At the customer's request to install and very light in the dark clock of the day.
  • Clocks are actuated electronics / mother named /. Mother signal cable every minute to the tower, facade and secondary clocks.

The mother has the following options:

We sell mothers have the ability every hour to submit beep / bell, siren ringtone /. The signal can be excluded from 22ch. to 7h. Mothers can command almost unlimited tower, facade and secondary clocks in buildings.

We repair and restore already installed mechanical watches or secondary towers, walls or buildings and replace with a mechanical secondary.


                                                                    ADDITIONAL FEATURES FOR WATCHES

Placing a high quality LED lighting is placed automatically in the nighttime.

Production of glass clock (for models with frame) High quality polycarbonate with 10god guarantee of aging.

Development of a panel of German materials that are harvested (fuses, mother, Solid State Relay).





Tower Clocks - library "St. Kliment Ohridski", Simitly city

 Vinishte village

Pancharevo Vrachesh village

                                                             Kindergarten in Sofia city

Blagoevgrad city Balchik city

Sofia city-administrative building opposite the Mall SERDIKA

кулен часовник          

                                                          Stara Zagora city-centre

кулен  часовник          

                                                                  Gabrovo-Mall Gabrovo

кулен   часовник 





                                                                         hotel.Chairite Sunny Beach










                                                                   vilage.Vrabevo-gift from Sopharma