How We Proceed

To save your clock mechanism and its appearance, it requires regular, expert maintenance and support our authorized service center.
ACCEPTANCE - Each clock received at our service center to diagnose and analyzed by an expert watchmaker.
ANALYSIS - Carry out a series of tests that vary depending on the mechanism of the clock, in order to fully define what work will be done on the clock and the price of repairs.
REPAIR - After finding the problem of clock and notification to the customer for the service, our expert watchmakers, all necessary procedures, including replacement of all worn and defective parts. In our service center will carry out all necessary procedures, cleaning, lubrication, including replacement of all worn or defective parts.
TESTING - after the repair of your watch, it is tested within 24 hours to 168 hours, depending on its mechanism.
NEW WARRANTY - After each repair warranty is issued a new card with a limit of 3 to 12 months, depending on the repair and clock mechanism.