Prevention of mechanical watches

As a general rule, the mechanical watch needs full maintenance every three years. We perform the following program: 


Preliminary operations.

1 Remedy Band 

2. Open cabinet 

3. Diagnosis of mechanism 

4. Controlling the operation of the mechanism of test machines 

5. Function control mechanism 

6. Control functions and visual inspection 

7. Deciding to work on the clock


Housing operations and chain 

8. Complete disassembly of body 

9. Ultrasonic cleaning of case and bracelet 

10. Replacement of all gaskets


Support mechanism 

11. Disassembly of components 

12. Cleaning the components 

13. Replacement of worn parts 

14. Assembly and lubrication of components of the mechanism 

15. Regulatory functions 

16. Precise control mechanism 

17. Complete assembly of the hull


Quality control of the work 

18. Waterproof according to the specifications of the model 

19. Set time and date 

20. Final control of the facility and all its functions 

21. Check the chain and in need of replacement patents

22. Check clasp 

23. Final inspection