1. Avoid leaving your watch in devices emitting strong magnetic field, such as speakers, refrigerators, mobile phones and more. They can affect the proper functioning of your watch.
2. For your information, the table below shows the laboratory testing of the magnetic field of the appliances in our vsekednevie.
3. Magnetic field of 60 Gauss (unit of magnetic field) will not affect your watch. A strong field can damage your watch.
4. As a general rule, a recommendation is to keep watch at least 5 cm of devices with magnetic field.


No problem
Possible problem



Clock in close proximity to the site

Watch more than 5 cm from the subject


40 Gauss

4 Gauss

Mobile phone

85 Gauss

4 Gauss

Portable Radio

120 Gauss

10 Gauss

Magnetic clasp on bag or belt

120 Gauss

4 Gauss

Magnetic refrigerator door

850 Gauss

100 Gauss